New Online Content

New Online Content

Belt Length and Centre Distance Calculations

On a daily basis we are asked to supply belts against unmarked samples or asked to change the speed of a drive. Although we have the required formula (and many others) listed in our paper catalogue, we often turned to the simple and popular calculation tool on for convenience. With now inactive, we have released our own version of this popular tool, allowing users to quickly calculate the Belt Length and the Centre Distances.


Belt Selector


General Calculations

But that is not all. As we were adding a belt calculation tool, we also decided to add a few other calculations that we ourselves often use. These include Power/Torque, Belt Speed, Pound Force/Newtons and Horsepower/kW.


These tools can be found on our website (free of charge; Alternatively they can be found on the top navigation menu of our main website under ‘Calculators’.


Challenge Power Transmission YouTube Tutorials

We have also been working on a new range of tutorials that cover various products within our range. These include Motor Identification, Bearings Basics, Fitting automatic greasers to bearings, Fundamentals of Roller Chain and several other topics.

We will be increasing the number of videos and the topics covered over the coming weeks and months. If there is a topic that you are interested in, then please let us know and we will see if we can include it. Subscribe to our channel to keep track of our latest videos!

You can access our new YouTube channel by Clicking Here




Online Catalogue

The final item of new content is our Online Catalogue System.  We have listed online over 20,000 products from our 400+ page mechanical power transmission bible.  You can easily search for the products that you need, download technical information and send us a request for a quotation if required.  Access to all our products is available for free and no sign up is required.

You can find your perfect products now at


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