Cone Clamping Element / Shaftlock - Type 2 9-16

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Shaftlock Cone Clamping Elements

• Premium grade quality with high machining tolerances and surface finishes
• Wide range of sizes and configurations
• Keyless design
• Simple installation and ease of removal
• Zero backlash eliminates fretting corrosion and is unaffected by alternating torques
• Angular and axial misalignment capability

Cross Reference Guide:- Tollok: TLK110, Bikon: 8000, Bonfix: CCE1000, Chiaravalli: RCK80, Compomac: Conex B, Fenlock: FLK110, Italblock: CN55, Kana: N/A, Kinlok: LOK10, Clampex KTR: KTR250, MAV: 5061, Poggi: CAL-B, Ringblok: 1100, Ringfeder: RFN7110, Ringspann: RLK110, SIT: Type 3, TAS-Schafer: N/A, Tsubaki Power-Lock: TF, VBlok: VK800B

Shaftlock Cone Clamping Elements

Cone clamping elements are a purely friction method of clamping components to a shaft. The internal components within a cone clamp operate on a taper, so as the cone clamp is tightened the internal diameter decreases while the outside diameter increases. This change in diameters creates the clamping force.

There are two main advantages of cone clamps. The first is that for machining your component (i.e. a sprocket), the bore needs to be plain rather than being keyed or tapped and tapered. The second advantage is that the cone clamp acts as an overload protector, with excessive loading causing the clamp to spin on the shaft.

The comprehensive range of Challenge shaftlock cone clamping elements covers shaft diameters from 8mm up to and including 220mm.

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Shaft Fixing2
Shaft Fixing - Internal Diameter (d)9
Shaft Fixing - Internal Diameter (dw)-
Shaft Fixing - Outside Diameter (B, A, D)16
Shaft Fixing - Length (L1)14
Shaft Fixing - Length (L2)23
Shaft Fixing - Length (L3)27
Shaft Fixing - Total Length (L)31
Shaft Fixing - Outside Diameter (D2)32
Shaft Fixing - Outside Diameter (D1)28
Shaft Fixing - C (dw-d1)-
Shaft Fixing - Torque - (Mt) Nm37
Shaft Fixing - Axial Force (Fa) kN-
Shaft Fixing - Axial Force (Ft) kN7.2
Shaft Fixing - Shaft (P) N/mm2150
Shaft Fixing - Shaft (P1) N/mm292
Shaft Fixing - Lock Screws Qty.4
Shaft Fixing - Lock Screws SizeM4x12
Shaft Fixing - Lock Screws Tightening Torque (Ts) Nm5.2
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