Heavy (H) Pilot Bored Timing Pulley (76mm Wide Belts) - 16-H-300 PB

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Pilot Bore Classical Synchronous Timing Pulleys

• All Challenge pulleys are produced from cast iron or steel and have a phosphated finish for protection
Classical Timing Belt Pulleys
• Available in taper bore for L (3/8”) and H (1/2”) sections
• Also available in pilot bore for XL (1/5”), L (3/8”) and H (1/2”) sections
• Manufactured from either high grade cast iron or steel
• Pulleys suit standard belt widths

Pilot Bore Classical Synchronous Timing Pulleys

Our stocked range of classical pilot bore timing pulleys cover the Extra Light (XL) 1/5” (5.08mm) pitch belts, Light (L) 3/8” (9.525mm) pitch belts and the Heavy (H) 1/2” (12.7mm) pitch belts. Our strict quality control procedures ensure the tooth accuracy on all our synchronous timing pulleys, allowing like for like replacement along with maintaining timing accuracy. Machining to suit our customers requirements is available on our entire range of pulleys.

XH Extra Heavy belt pulleys are also available upon request, along with non-stock numbers of teeth, special bores (including bearings) or special pulley arrangements. Please contact us for more details or to discuss your specific requirements. We supply a very large number of special pulleys to industries all over the word.

Standard and custom - V and Timing Belt Pulleys
To complement our wide range of belts, we also manufacture and supply a range of standard and bespoke pulleys for our V belts and Timing belts. Manufactured from cast iron or steel, our pulley grooves are machine cut for accuracy and also statically or dynamically balanced (depending upon their size) to grade Q6.3 or better giving peripheral (rim) speeds of up to 40m/s.

Standard Features
The complete range of pulleys available from Challenge are manufactured from high grade close grain GG25 grey cast iron or steel before being phosphated for protection. Metric timing pulleys are also available from lightweight aluminium with a natural finish.

Shaft fixing option vary due to the large range of sizes and materials available, but as standard the range of pulleys come with either a taper bore, pilot bore or both types of bores.

V Belt Pulleys
With high quality machined groves and availability from nearly 20 official locations around world, these cost effective and readily available range of pulleys have proven themselves countless times over the last 40 years. Coupled with our wide range of Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers, they offer a reliable method of reducing motor speeds, which has become an industry standard.

Available to suit both wedge and classical belts to ISO 4184. Groove dimensions conform to ISO 4183 for both eccentricity of outside diameter to bore and groove side wobble tolerance.

All pulleys are available with a taper bore to suit the Challenge range of stock taper bushes although pilot and QD bush bore pulleys can also be manufactured.

A wide range of non-standard styles and sizes up to a diameter of 2400mm can be produced.

PV pulleys are also available for sections J, K and L

Timing Belt Pulleys
Working in precision applications globally, our range of timing belts and corresponding pulleys have been developed around the industries that we supply daily. With our ability to manufacture special pulleys or offer light weight solutions from aluminium we can offer a solution for a vast array of precision drive systems.

Timing belt pulleys are available for the standard Classical, HTD Profile and Metric belts. Classical L and H pulleys are available with a taper bore as are 5M, 8M and 14M HTD Profile pulleys. All other sizes are available in pilot bore including the complete range of Metric timing pulleys. If you require a taper bore for a Metric or large Classical pulley, then these can often be manufactured to order.

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More Information
Stock Code721-315
Pulley - Belt RangeH
Pulley - Product Designation16-H-300
Pulley - No. Of Grooves or Teeth16
Pulley - Pitch Diameter64.68
Pulley - Diameter To Top Of Teeth63.31
Pulley - Outside Diameter70
Pulley - Hub Diameter45
Pulley - Rim Width85.7
Pulley - Distance Thro.100
Pulley - MaterialS
Pulley Config And StyleAF
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