HRC Taper Bored Coupling Half Body 180H (2517)

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HRC Coupling

• Designed specifically for use with IEC motors
• Torques up to 3150 Nm
• Up to 1° angular misalignment
• Good shock absorption properties
• Quick and easy assembly
• Taper bush and Pilot bore flanges available
• High grade cast iron hubs
• Fail safe operation

Cross Compatibility
045S0003 (Fenner HRC Code)

HRC Coupling

The general purpose HRC coupling is suitable for most conditions and is considered an all round coupling when small amounts of shaft misalignment are present. The rubber spacer dampens out small degrees of vibration and helps to absorb shock loads, while the interlocking teeth prevent drive failure if the rubber insert is damaged.

HRC couplings are available with 3 bore options; pilot bored, forward facing taper bore and backward facing taper bore. Shaft diameters of 9mm up to 115mm can be accommodated at rotational speeds of up to 5000 rev/min and maximum torque ratings of 31Nm up to 3150Nm.

Multiple Proven Solutions - Shaft Couplings
Challenge stock 7 proven shaft coupling methods which offer a range of benefits such as accommodating high torque loadings, shock loading, shaft misalignment in different planes, large shaft diameters and high speeds, with the HRC range are even able to offer fail safe operation. All of our shaft couplings are designed to be easy to fit and remove along with offering a long service life and competitive pricing.

Tyre Couplings
The main choice for multiple planes of alignment between two shafts with the ability to transmit up to 14675Nm of torque. The load carrying cords within the coupling tyre are wound in both directions, offering zero backlash for reversing duties. Visual inspection of the tyre condition, no lubrication requirements, fire resistance/anti static tyre options and no requirements to move the shafts when a tyre needs replacing simplify maintenance and safety. The tyre couplings also offer superior shock absorption and vibration damping making it the first choice for heavy duty/high vibration applications such as crushers and mixers.

Interlocking Couplings
Jaw type couplings with an elastomer insert are available in a wide range of variations and configurations. The general layout for these couplings is a hub with teeth which interlock between elastomer lobes. The elastomer lobes act to dampen vibration and accommodate small amounts of mis-alignment. The extended tooth design offers fail safe operation due to the teeth interlocking should the insert fail, although this can damage the teeth. Both straight and curved tooth coupling types are available, although the zero-backlash curved tooth is more common.

Chain Couplings
Chain couplings offer a highest torque solution but cannot accommodate large shaft misalignment. They often come as a sealed unit within a casing filled with grease as this helps with its operation and increases the working life of the coupling. The coupling consists of 2 simplex sprockets which are joined by a necklace of corresponding duplex power transmission chain.

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More Information
Shaft Coupling HRC
Coupling Size 180
Coupling - Max Bore Metric 65
Coupling - Maximum Diameter 180
Coupling - Assembled Length / Total Distance Thro. 73.5
Coupling - Hub Diameter 125
Coupling - Nominal / Rated Torque - Nm 950
Coupling - Weight Per Piece OR Assembled - Kg 16.65
Coupling - Bush Size 2517
Coupling - Max Bore Imperial 2.1/2
Coupling - Shoulder Width 34.5
Coupling - Hub Width 46.5
Coupling - Element Ring Diameter 77
Coupling - Element Ring Width 49.5
Coupling - Parallel Misalignment 0.4
Coupling - Assembled Length - FF, FH, HH 142.5
Coupling - Assembled Length - FB, HB 165.5
Coupling - Assembled Length - BB 189.5
Stock Code 601-018
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