Metric Taper Bush - 2012 x 40mm bore

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Taper Bushes - Metric

Features • Easy installation and removal
• No re-boring as a full range of both metric and imperial bores are available
• Totally proven bush system. Millions in use world wide
• Fit standard shafts
• Quality screws used
• Keys not required on light duty applications
• Short length bushes allow increased maximum bores
• Superior packaging complete with fitting instructions

Taper Bushes - Metric

Taper bushes offer a fast and convenient shaft fixing method for a wide range of Challenge and third-party products. The standard metric taper bush range covers shaft diameters from 9mm up to 200mm.

Note. Challenge can manufacture larger taper bush sizes including 6050, 7060 and 8065 with the following maximum bores; 6050 – 150mm or 6”, 7060 - 175mm or 7”, 8065 – 200mm or 8”. Pilot bore taper bushes in these sizes are also available.

Keyways are in accordance with BS 4235 Part 1 1972, DIN 6885 and conform to ISO recommendations except for those which are marked * below which are shallower.

Easy Installation - Over 500 Sizes – Taper Bushes
Taper bushes allow a single pulley or sprocket etc. to be quickly adapted to suit multiple shaft sizes whilst avoiding the time and cost of machining the bores and keyways. The bush has a slit from the inside bore to the outside diameter and a counter half slit on the opposite side which allows the taper bush to flex and tighten around the shaft when it is screwed into the taper bore. A keyway groove is also machined into the bush allowing a keyway to be used for anything above a low torque application. Over 500 metric and imperial bore sizes are available with millions of bushes in use around the world today. Manufactured from a high-quality close grain cast iron or C45 medium carbon steel for thin walled bushes, the Challenge bush offers a well proven and flexible shaft fixing method designed to fit a large range of Challenge and third-party products.

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Shaft Fixing2012
Shaft Fixing - Bore40
Shaft Fixing - Weight0.51
Shaft Fixing - Keyseat - Bush12 x 3.3
Shaft Fixing - Keyseat - Shaft12 x 5.0
Stock Code531-112
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