Offset Side Bar Roller Chain - M0-88

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Offset Side Bar Roller Chain

A compact heavy-duty conveying chain often used within the wood and paper processing industry or for bulk handling drag conveyors. These chains are manufactured from a range of materials in order to produce standard and heavy-duty versions which maintain gearing on the same sprockets.
A wide range of welded attachments are available for all the chains in this range
Offset/crank link chains and straight side bar chains are both available within this range of chains.

Offset Side Bar Roller Chain

Often used for power transmission applications, these roller chains are manufactured with either an offset link or with a straight link. They can be used for direct power transmission, conveying or elevating at low to moderate speeds. Various attachment arrangements are available including numerous designs of pushers, scrapers and lugs.

We work hard so that your conveyor chain can too - Premium Manufacturing as Standard
All our conveyor chains are manufactured using the very latest manufacturing technology and techniques. With fully punched and shot peened link plates, CNC machined components, precision component fits, in house heat treatment, fully ground round parts and heavy-duty spin riveting, our standard is designed and proven to outperform other leading brands.

Cropped links from medium carbon steel
Our link plates are precision punched from cold drawn steel. Not only does this limit internal stress, but it also provides a precision hole pitch and increased tensile strength due to grain alignment.

Shouldered or flatted case-hardened bushes
Inserted with a press fit to prevent rotation and produced from on-size chromium-molybdenum seamless tube for minimum distortion, superior concentricity and maximum strength.

Shouldered or flatted case-hardened pins
Secured with a press fit and spin riveting. Selective in-house induction hardening allows deep case depth on wearing surfaces without stressing/cracking the pin ends during assembly and riveting.

Hardened and ground Precision Rollers
Through hardening and a light grind after heat treatment ensures a dimensionally accurate roller with a good hardness even after wearing during operation.

ISO 9001 and full traceability
Strictly manufactured to ISO 9001 with quality checks at every stage of manufacture. Our chains are fully traceable back to their original materials, which are also independently tested upon delivery.

Our Standard range and above features cover; British Standard (Z) Series, M Series and FV Series

Whatever your requirements, we have all the options covered
There are a wide array of nonstandard and heavy-duty conveyor chains used throughout industry today. These chains are often developed to offer extended service lives, increased strength, enhanced reliability and operational speed or perform special duties within the industries that they serve. Challenge has well recognised experience in many of these industries, including;
• Palm Oil
• Sugar
• Cement
• Automotive
• Timber and Paper
• Steel manufacturing
• Food
• Mining
• Waste and Recycling
• Bulk Material Handling
• Ovens
• Water Treatment
• Agriculture

We can cater for a wide range of special requirements, which includes but is not limited to;
• Plasma nitride hardened pins and bushes
• Stainless steel (all grades)
• Sherardized plates and attachments
• Molykote dry lubricants
• Hot dip glavanizing
• Zinc/nickel plating
• Food grade oils
• Nonstandard chain pitches

Sprockets to suit our entire conveyor chain range
Transmission and Conveyor chains are driven by sprockets. The even distribution of power relies on accurate gearing between the sprocket teeth and the chain rollers or bush.
As sprockets greatly affect the life of the chain, all Challenge sprockets from cast through to precision machine cut are manufactured to strict tolerances and quality controls.

All lengths/coils of conveyor chain are supplied with a standard connecting link on the end of each length or coil.

Unit of Sale; 5m Coil

More Information
Chain NumberM0-88
Chain - Pitch in Inches2.609
Chain - Pitch66.269
Chain - Width Between Inner Plates26.99
Chain - Link Plate Height28.58
Chain - Link Plate Thickness6.35
Chain - Pin Length59.53
Chain - Roller Diameter22.23
Chain - Pin Diameter11.11
Chain - Distance Over Inner Link41.28
Chain - Average Ultimate Tensile Strength - lbf20000
Chain - Max. Working Load - lbf2400
Chain - Links Per Foot4.6
Chain - Weight - lb/ft3.8
Stock Code0
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