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Torque Limiters

• Prevent machine damage
• Eliminates costly down time
• No expensive electronics
• Simple installation
• No manual resetting required

Torque Limiters

The Challenge range of torque limiters are a mechanical protective device that limit the transmitted torque in a drive system when the torque demand exceeds a pre-set value. Torque limiters are available for torque ranges from 3Nm up to 1090Nm. All torque limiters are supplied pilot bored or machined to suit our customers requirements (upon request) and can accommodate shaft diameters from 9mm up to 64mm.

Machine Protection - Torque Limiters
The Challenge range of slip clutch/friction plate torque limiters are an automatic device that protect equipment from overload damage due to crash stops and jams. Unlike shear pins which must be reset, friction plate limiters continue to operate once the load has been reduced below a safe level. The safe level at which the clutch will slip can be set for each limiter using a nut or screws.

Prevent Damage and Down Time
Torque limiters can be used as a cheap and effective method to prevent equipment damage caused by full power from the drive if a snag or jam occurs. The automatic slip clutch limiter disconnects the main drive from the system, which prevents further damage if the drive transmits its full power. These limiters require no expensive electronics, are self resetting and can help eliminate costly down time.

Simple to Install and Use
Sprockets, gears, pulleys couplings etc can all be easily protected with torque limiters when used as the central member which is clamped between two discs. Challenge torque limiters utilize spring loaded friction discs for their operation and slip torque is present by adjustment of the spring force using the adjustment nut or bolts. Because the Challenge torque limiter ratings are realistic and consistent with optimum spring loads, they permit longer slip time, maintain re-engagement at present torque and provide long lasting machine protection.

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Torque Limiter89
Limiter - Size89
Limiter - Torque Range - kg.m-
Limiter - Plain Bore-
Limiter - Max. Bore-
Limiter - Bush Length8
Limiter - O.D. Of Bush-
Limiter - Bore For Centre Member-
Limiter - Outside Diameter-
Limiter - Hub Diameter-
Limiter - Total Distance Thro.-
Limiter - Hub Length-
Limiter - Pressure Plate Thickness-
Limiter - Friction Plate Thickness-
Limiter - Max Gap Between Friction Plates-
Limiter - Set Screw Centre-
Limiter - Adjustment Nut Size-
Limiter - Adjustment Nut-
Limiter - Adjustment Bolt-
Limiter - Set Screw-
Limiter - Weight - kg-
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