TXT3 Torque Arm assembly

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• Twin Tapered Output Hub
• Precision High Quality Gearing
• All TXT SMSR’s have power ratings to ISO standards
• Maximum Capacity Housing Design
• Strong Alloy Steel Shafts
• Bearings are all tapered roller (except TXT2), having long life service time. Oilseals are double lipped garter spring type, ensuring effective oil sealing.
• Torque Arm Assembly


Challenge TXT range of Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers are designed for America and other imperial dimension countries.

Challenge TXT gear units are manufactured in eight gear case sizes, from size 2 to size 9, maximum power up to 150hp and nominal gear ratios are 15:1 and 25:1. A wide choice of final driven speeds can be determined by the use of an appropriate input belt drive. The units will normally be oil lubricated, but they are equally suitable for long life synthetic lubricants.

Twin Tapered Output Hub
A tapered bore in both sides of the reducer’s output hub snugs up against a matching taper on the outer surface of the bushing. Bushing mounting screws pass through the bushing flange into a mounting collar on the hub. As the screws are tightened, the bushing moves inward, gripping the driven machine’s input shaft tightly and evenly around every point on its circumference. It is easy-on, easy-off. All of the output bushing bores accord to ANSI standards. Also available are ISO standard straight bore output hubs.

Precision High Quality Gearing
Computer designed helical gears, strong alloy materials for high load capacity, case carburized for long life, ground profile, crown tooth profile, in conformance with ISO 1328-1997. 98% efficiency per stage, smooth quiet operation with several teeth in mesh.

Power Ratings
All TXT SMSR’s have power ratings to ISO standards.

Maximum Capacity Housing Design
Close grain cast iron construction. Excellent vibration dampening and shock resistance features. Precision bored and dowelled to ensure accurate in-line assembly.

Strong Alloy Steel Shafts
Strong alloy steel, hardened, ground on journals, gear seatings and extensions, for maximum load and maximum torsional loads. Generous size shaft keys for shock loading.

Using an adapter for mounting the torque arm increases the strength of the gear case. The torque arm is easy-on and easy-off for reliability and controls the position of the standard torque arm mounting within recommended limits.

As an optional part, anti-run back devices are available.

Bearing and Oilseals
Bearings are all tapered roller (except TXT2), offering a long life service. Oil seals are double lipped garter spring type, ensuring effective oil sealing.

Torque Arm Assembly
For easy adjustment of the belt.

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SMSR - Standard Output Shaft Dia.-
SMSR - Casing Width-
SMSR - Overall Casing Height-
SMSR - Total Distance Thro.-
SMSR - Input Shaft Diameter-
SMSR - Input Shaft Keyway-
SMSR - Min Distance For Bushing Screw Removal-
SMSR - Output Hub Collar Diameter-
SMSR - Output Hub Collar To End Of Input Shaft-
SMSR - Machine To Fulcrum Hole centre-
SMSR - Fulcrum Width-
SMSR - Output Hub Collar to Centreline-
SMSR - Input Shaft Cover To Centreline-
SMSR - Input Shaft Length-
SMSR - Housing to Edge of Output Hub Collar-
SMSR - Main Housing Width-
SMSR - Horizontal Distance Of Output And Input Shaft Centres-
SMSR - Output And Input Shaft Centres at 90 Degrees-
SMSR - Vertical Distance Of Output And Input Shaft Centres-
SMSR - Vertical Distance Casing Top To Output Shaft Centre-
SMSR - Minimum Torque Arm Length-
SMSR - Maximum Torque Arm Length-
SMSR - Fulcrum Mounting Hole Diameter-
SMSR - Fulcrum Mounting Hole Centres-
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