V Belt size 3V (9N) - 500

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Narrow V Belts

‘V’ and Wedge Belts (CRE & Envelope Type)
• Belts comply with ISO, BS, DIN and RMA standards
• Factory complies with ISO 9001 standards
• High quality polyester cords used to ensure minimum stretch
• Wide range of international standard lengths
• Excellent anti-static, oil and heat resistant properties complying with ISO 1813
• Comply with American Petroleum Institute standards
Cogged Raw Edge (CRE) Belts
• Available in Wedge sections SPZX, SPAX, SPBX and SPCX
• Available in Classical belt sections ‘AX’ and ‘BX’
• Ideal for small pulleys
• Conform to all major international standards
Envelope Type Belts
• Available in Wedge sections SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC
• Available in classical ‘V’ sections Z(M), A, B, C and D
• Treated envelope covering
• Conform to all major international standards

Narrow V Belts

Narrow 3V (9N), 5V (15N) and 8V (25N) V belts are available in a wide range of outside lengths.

Pulleys are also available with taper and pilot bores to suit our entire belt range. We can also assist with drive calculations when a new system or drive is being designed.

Note that there are some equivalent belt designations;
• 25N (8V) is interchangeable with SPP
This equivalent does not apply to banded belts.

Speed reduction and drives - V- Belts and Timing Belts
Belts are the cheapest utility for power transmission between shafts that may not be axially aligned. Power transmission is achieved by specially designed belts and pulleys.

The demands on a belt-drive transmission system are large, and this has led to many variations of belts. They run smoothly and with little noise and cushion motors and bearings against load changes, albeit with less strength than gears or chains. However, improvements in belt engineering allow the use of belts in systems that only formerly allowed chains or gears.

Strength and reliability have always been key features of the Challenge V Belts (Classical, Wedge & Narrow), Cogged Raw Edge Belts, Classical Timing Belts and Curved Tooth Timing Belts. With an array of international standard lengths in stock, compliance with a range of standards including ISO, BS, DIN and RMA plus competitive pricing, you can understand why in 2016 a Challenge V belt was sold every 10 seconds. Working with Challenge, you will find a belted solution that exceeds your expectations.

V and Wedge Belts
Manufactured to ISO 9001 and available in Classical A-D & Z, Wedge SP and Narrow 3V-8V. High quality polyester chords are used to ensure minimal stretch throughout their service and the rubber has excellent anti-static, oil and heat resistant properties complying with ISO 1813. Treated double envelope covering type belts are also available and give an increased wear life along with a higher frictional force between the belt and pulley.

Cogged Raw Edge Belts
Cogged raw edge belts (CRE) are available in both Classical and Wedge forms. They are used on small pulleys to enable the belt to correctly locate when wrapping around a small pitch circle diameter. These belts are again manufactured to ISO 9001 and conform to all major international standards.

Classical and Curved Tooth Timing Belts
Classical timing belts are the original synchronous belts and are available from eXtra Light (XL 1/5”) up to eXtra Heavy (XH 7/8”). Several standard widths are available up to 4” on XH with all belts complying to ISO 5296 and manufactured under ISO 9001.

Curved tooth timing belts (HTD Profile) are metric and the biggest selling range of timing belts. They are available in sections from 3mm up to 14mm and conform to ISO 13050

All of our branches stock sleeves for the most common sizes of timing belts and have in house slitting machines that can cut belts to the required widths, allowing a rapid dispatch on a large number of belt sizes.

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More Information
Belt Range3V
Alternative Belt Ref9N
Belt - Designation3V500
Belt - Effective Outside Length50
Stock Code0
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